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Internet Explorer 7 Download

Internet Explorer 7

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Just when you think you can not see another version of Internet Explorer is ice age, Microsoft was a whole new world and application release to reach future. Even more so as doing so many online users is tired of waiting for Microsoft to update its technology and we’ve seen the place Probably, in the direction of Firefox.What, the world’s king is looking forward to seeing the crowns struggling, but can he fill and win according to the man who left him? UntukPermulaan, newThe interface interface that penambahbaikan.Microsoft definitely basically has an auction off menu bar and hide all the tools and works in one compact icon set, to keep unobtrusively on the right side you will find the comment muka.The page area of ​​the look is great. He also decided to assist the IE tab inspection. It includes a new tab button to unlock recently, and the truth contains the Cyflymmewn Tabs Smart button, which opened previews for all open tabs in skrinDan, unlike Firefox, IE 7 kite button tooSave on all tabs tabs. Create tabs like home page as they launch it all at the beginning. We also appreciate the print preview, you will be adjusting the page size of your paper back.

IE 7 has improved how to connect RSS. When you find it unfolding to maintain RSS, the icon in the toolbar is turned over with you ciri.Click orange for that page shows all the feeds for the site tersebut.Cumple clicking to join and merge feedThis adds to favorites You can even joinClick on the icon star to the left. Unlike Firefox, however, there is no fall in the face of all suapan objects.Pusat Favorite, opened by clicking on the great star icon, divided by ynffefrynnau, edges and history. Security is usually featured of the weak popup blocker IE.Selain, version 7 also offers against phishing filters. Trying, we opened announced pengetahuanTapak Phishtank phishing. Although our desires, the filter has failed to provide more information about them. The Guarantee Protection can be forced IE 7 butAt least browser combines SSL 2.0 and TLS security protocols 1. 3. 0 and 0, like Firefox. For all the improvements, IE is still far off and perfect. Like Firefox, IE fails to pass the test and it does not support Acid2 level terkini.Kami to get IE zoom and drag every time you open new tabs, tool and environmental use can reach. Increase the number of bar search providers to add-on from the Microsoft site, but still be much smaller than Mozilla Extension Firefox.Selain However, IE 7 is limited to thoseWhich is XP SP2 and for some reason you need to disable antivirusac update your computer by fasting.

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